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Night Foods That Cause Morning Breath

Posted on 3/8/2021 by Thomas Mahar
Night Foods That Cause Morning BreathYou wake up after having a restful sleep and go about your morning routine to get ready for the day. As you rub the sleep from your eyes and walk into the bathroom, you suddenly recognize it. A tangy and stinky taste, accompanied by a wool sweater-like feeling on your tongue. It's your last night's meal and morning breath come to say hello. Don't worry! This is completely normal. However, if this morning condition follows day after day, you need to do something about it.

Lucky for you, Dr. Mahar and Thomas F. Mahar, DDS at Mahar Dental have plenty of treatment and prevention tips to impart. But first, you have got to change your nighttime eating habits.

Let's take a look at some of the foods that you should stop eating at night to avoid morning breath:

4 Foods You Shouldn't Eat at Night to Avoid Morning Breath

In case you are wondering that you can fix your morning breath with brushing and flossing, you are not wrong. Yes, this will have a positive impact. However, since bad breath occurs due to your GI tract, you need to make changes on a deeper level.

Here are the fruits that cause bad breath:

•  Canned Fish: That fishy smell you get a whiff of when you open a fish tin is due to the meat oxidizing. When you eat this fish, an unsavory smell gets left behind in your mouth, which stays for quite long.
•  Citrus Fruits: Bacteria that cause odor love sticking around in an acidic environment. Eating citrus fruits is like giving an invitation to bad breath. On top of that, if you have acid reflux, the foul scent that comes out of your breath makes your company unbearable.
•  Cheese: Dairy products produce sulfur compounds in your mouth that give you a sour breath. While having a glass of milk at night might help you sleep better, it will surely make your morning breath smell like rotten eggs.
•  Peanut Butter: The sticky paste of peanut butter forms a layer on your teeth, which is hard to brush off. Moreover, it causes difficulty for saliva to break things down hence, leading to bad breath.

You can easily get rid of bad breath by changing your dinner time. No need to avoid eating your favorite food! If doing this still doesn't fix your halitosis, visit Mahar Dental. Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Mahar or Thomas F. Mahar, DDS by calling at (315) 766-2770.

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