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What Is Dental Bone Grafting?

Posted on 10/24/2022 by Thomas Mahar
What Is Dental Bone Grafting?Dental bone grafting is a surgical dentistry procedure that involves increasing the amount and density of jawbone. Usually, this technique is performed in preparation for other dental treatments, such as an implant. The dentist may remove the bone graft material from your body or an animal tissue bank. In some cases, the doctor may suggest synthetic materials. The entire procedure may take between fifteen minutes to two hours, depending on the bone graft you will receive. Learn the types of bone grafting techniques as you continue reading.

Socket Graft

A socket graft is a minor procedure performed after tooth extraction. After tooth extraction, you will likely experience bone loss on the extracted site. The dentist may suggest a socket graft to fill the void left. After healing, you may get your implant without other treatments, such as adding the jawbone.

Sinus Lift

Maxillary sinuses are vital in our bodies. They aid in the respiratory functioning of the nose. They are located in the upper back of your teeth. When you miss your upper back teeth, the sinuses will likely drop and occupy the space of the teeth root. In this case, placing an implant can be a challenge because it can penetrate the sinus membrane. This scenario can only be successful with the help of a sinus lift. A sinus lift involves raising the sinus to position it back to the normal position. The dentist may then place a bone graft to create a foundation for dental implants.

Periodontal Bone Graft

Gum diseases can damage the bone supporting your teeth which makes the teeth loose. Over time infection can occur around the tooth, thus, causing teeth damage. In this case, you may end up losing the tooth. In such a scenario, the dentist may place a periodontal bone graft around your tooth to provide additional support. Our dentists will help with dental bone grafting to ensure healthy gums and teeth.

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