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How Do Dental Crowns Help With Oral Health Issues?

Posted on 9/5/2022 by Thomas Mahar
How Do Dental Crowns Help With Oral Health Issues?After developing oral issues, dental crowns serve as crucial restorations that dentists use to address the problems. Dental crowns work by covering a damaged or vulnerable tooth, hence providing protection against additional damage. Dentists may also use crowns for teeth replacement purposes.

Cavity Issues

When the enamel is washed away by acidity, it causes cavities. Acids in the mouth are caused by food particles and bacteria. Dental crowns serve to surround the tooth, offering protection. A dentist uses crowns if dental filling cannot treat the cavities, particularly if there are severe cavities. A dentist may perform root canal therapy at first and then place the crowns to help reclaim the tooth's size and provide protection.

Teeth Grinding and Clenching

Bruxism or nighttime teeth grinding is common in people who experience jaw clenching during sleep. It is a habit that is hard to control. It is also unintentional. Dentists encourage you to reduce stress and obtain orthodontic treatment. Dental crowns can also help with bruxism. A dentist can use the crowns to restore the health and appearance of worn-down teeth as a result of grinding.

Tooth Loss and Infection

Dentists use dental crowns for tooth replacement. The crowns are attached to dental implants, but they may also be used as fixed bridges. A dentist can also use dental crowns to help enhance the strength of adjacent teeth during a dental bridge treatment. Again, if an exposed tooth causes an infection to occur, you can get root canal therapy. After the therapy, the dentist places crowns to strengthen and protect the tooth.

Talk to us or visit our dental office to find out about dental crowns and the situations necessitating their use. Our dentist will provide you with more details regarding these restorations and when they are appropriate to use. Crowns can ensure the health, strength, and appearance of a tooth are enhanced.

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