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Common Causes Of Bad Breath

Posted on 7/4/2022 by Thomas Mahar
Common Causes Of Bad BreathBad breath is a dental problem that causes a foul smell coming from your mouth. Some individuals with bad breath may not be aware that they have it. You require a close friend or relative to inform you whether you suffer from bad breath. Our experts advice against masking bad breath with mints and mouthwash as these fail to address the underlying issue. We discuss the common causes of bad breath in this article.

Poor dental hygiene

Failure to brush your teeth regularly causes food debris to get trapped in your teeth, leading to bad breath. A thin film of bacteria then builds upon the surface of your teeth, leading to gum disease, which is an additional cause of bad breath.

Bacteria also becomes trapped on your tongue when you fail to brush your tongue and teeth regularly. The bacteria on your tongue causes discoloration and bad breath.

Types of food

When you consume foods such as onions and garlic, they are broken down in your mouth and may produce a foul smell. In addition, once these foods are digested, they enter the bloodstream and are carried to the lungs, affecting your breath.

Dry mouth

A dry mouth is a dental condition caused by inflamed salivary glands. A dry mouth usually reduces the production rate of saliva in the mouth. Saliva is a vital component of the mouth as it helps flush out food particles lingering in the mouth.

Lack of enough to clean the mouth leads to an accumulation of food particles that are broken down by bacteria leading to a foul smell.


Some medications contain chemicals that cause bad breath when broken down. These medications may also cause conditions such as dry mouth, which lead to bad breath.

Please request an appointment with our specialists for consultation concerning your bad breath.

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