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Temporary Anchorage Devices

Posted on 7/18/2022 by Thomas Mahar
Temporary Anchorage DevicesAs their name suggests, temporary anchorage devices, or simply TAD, are biocompatible-titanium alloy mini-screws placed in your mouth to serve as a fixed point that allows easy teeth shifting. Over the years, the development of TADs has not been left behind as they have massively evolved into safer, effective, and less invasive options for specific kinds of treatment. Although the existence of TADs can be traced in over 35 years ago, their use increased when orthodontic practitioners in the US began integrating them into their procedures.

Why use TADS

TADs eliminate the need to use teeth as orthodontic anchors as viable teeth may not exist at the section where an anchor is required. Additionally, the teeth used as anchors may start to move, especially when a greater force is applied, resulting in major challenges to one's normal oral conditions. Consequently, TADs come in handy in such situations by stabilizing the teeth used as anchorages. TADs have significantly reduced the overall treatment time and eliminated the need to wear elastic rubber bands. Furthermore, they have eased the treatment procedures for orthodontists, especially the one which proves to be quite complex and offers a better alternative.

Ideally, before integrating TADs in medical centers, orthodontic gears were used to apply force from the outside. However, TADs eliminate all that and provide an anchorage position for pushing and pulling force. TADs are fitted into the jaw's bone by mechanical forces, unlike dental implants, which are always integrated with the bone. Compared to the implants, many patients prefer the TADs as they offer a less-invasive pain-free removal procedure after treatments.

Temporary Anchorage Devices Maintenance

Our dentists recommend regular brushing of TADs with a soft toothbrush to ensure a longer lifespan. We are well versed with the technology and experience to fit TADs. Additionally, we will offer more tips on TADs maintenance. Call us today and schedule your consultation with us.

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