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The Different Types Of Dental Cleanings

Posted on 5/9/2022 by Thomas Mahar
The Different Types Of Dental CleaningsA dentist may recommend different kinds of dental cleanings depending on the status of your teeth, any dental health problems you may have, and how long it has taken you since the last time you visited a dental office. Some of the cleanings types are:

Prophylaxis Cleanings

As a standard preventive measure, a prophylaxis cleaning involves the inspection of the mouth for potential problems and thorough cleaning of the teeth. The procedure begins with a medical history to help determine if you have developed any recent changes in your health, for instance, pregnancy or a new diagnosis. During the cleaning procedure, a dentist may take X-rays to check the teeth for problems that might not be seen with naked eyes, for example, micro-cavities. A dentist also performs a periodontal probing to determine the depth of gum pockets. Finally, the dentist cleans the gums and teeth to ward off plaque and tartar from the teeth as well as below the gumline.

Scaling and Root Planing

This is a type of deep cleaning involving the removal of tartar and plaque stuck below or above the gum line. It is a restorative dental procedure unlike prophylaxis, which is a dental preventive procedure. Scaling and root planing treatment is recommended if your gums, bones, and surrounding tissues are damaged by periodontal disease. The procedure may cause some discomfort, so local anesthesia is administered. A dentist then performs subgingival scaling to eradicate plaque and calculus, also known as tartar, from between the gums, beneath the gum tissue, and on the bottom of the teeth crowns.

Periodontal Maintenance Cleanings

Although similar to traditional cleanings, periodontal maintenance cleanings go further to involve a more thorough approach. Periodontal maintenance often addresses existing problems such as gum disease. A dentist removes plaque and tartar the way he or she does when performing a traditional dental cleaning. The specialist cleans the areas between teeth all the way down to the gums, meaning that scaling and root planing are incorporated in the procedure. Additionally, the dentist examines the gum pockets too if there is inflammation or infection. An antiseptic may be used to flush out the area.

Gross Debridement Cleanings

The gross removal of tartar and plaque is referred to as a debridement cleaning. This procedure is done if the dentist feels that his or her ability to do a comprehensive oral exam is impaired by plaque and tartar. The procedure often takes more time and effort compared to the typical six-month cleaning. Anesthesia is also administered. The exposed areas are cleaned and the roots scaled. Contact us for your dental cleanings. Book your appointment.

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