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What is a Comprehensive Dental Exam? A Dentist Answers

Posted on 3/7/2022 by Thomas Mahar
What is a Comprehensive Dental Exam? A Dentist AnswersOften, we are advised to get a comprehensive dental exam from a dentist. If you are brushing your teeth and flossing and perhaps you are experiencing signs like bleeding and bad breath, you shouldn't ignore it. It could be gingivitis and it requires immediate intervention before it advances to serious gum disease. Perhaps, you may ask, what does comprehensive dentistry involve? Here, our dentist answers this important question.

Comprehensive Dentistry

Comprehensive simply means complete and involves everything necessary for our oral health. Since oral health is linked to the health of the entire body, a dentist takes a holistic approach to help understand the things going on within your body. Receiving a comprehensive dental exam is crucial for your dental care as well as accurate diagnosis. Additionally, it can lead to early detection and prevention of oral problems and other diseases.

Comprehensive Dental Exam

When it comes to a comprehensive dental examination, it involves not just cleaning the teeth. A dentist performs a thorough and complete exam covering everything including pre-existing conditions, oral screenings, gum health checkups, diagnostic exams, and other factors to ensure optimal oral health. The dentist will discuss your medical and dental history including any medication you are taking.

The specialist also assesses your current hygiene habits as well as diet and risk factors to fully understand your overall oral health. When screening for disease, an extraoral exam of the neck and head, and intraoral exam of the soft tissues of the mouth are done to help detect early symptoms of conditions like gum disease, oral cancer, and TMJ disorder.

Digital X-rays may also be taken for the purpose of diagnosis. In addition, the dentist checks for tooth decay, existing dental work, and evaluation of the bite. Teeth cleaning and removal of stains are also included in the examination. Now that you have an idea of what a comprehensive dental exam is and what it entails, why not schedule an appointment with our general dentist for examination of your oral and overall health.

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