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Permanent Denture Options – Pros & Cons

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Thomas Mahar
Permanent Denture Options – Pros & ConsPatients looking for cost-effective treatment for replacing missing teeth may consider dentures. Whether removable or fixed, dentures can help restore the function and beauty of teeth. However, removable dentures tend to loosen and shift over time, leading to poor-fitting, wobbly dentures. You may experience discomfort if the dentures are moving or shifting within the mouth, especially when you are eating or speaking. Wearing removable dentures for lengthy periods can lead to jawbone deterioration or resorption. Permanent dentures are a more modern approach that aims at addressing the difficulties that come with removable dentures.

Pros of Permanent Dentures

Also known as fixed dentures, permanent dentures are just that. They are fixed permanently in your mouth, just like dental implants. Permanent dentures provide a closer replication to your natural teeth' look and feel. Additionally, they offer an adequate turnaround for replacing many missing teeth within one treatment. When you receive permanent dentures, you are not worried about the dentures shifting or moving during speaking or eating. These restorations provide better fit and comfort over removable dentures.

The Cons of Permanent Denture Option

While fixed dentures offer many benefits over removable ones, they also do have their drawbacks. For instance, they are more difficult to clean. They also need a great deal of maintenance in terms of cleaning. When receiving permanent dentures, you may need more implants to support them.

When seeking a teeth replacement procedure, you need to choose that will provide comfort while ensuring the health of the gums and teeth. Even when you have restorations like dentures, you should maintain proper oral hygiene. In fact, if you don't put more emphasis on oral health, you could have serious dental problems. To learn more about permanent dentures and the alternatives available, visit our dental office. We will explain the pros and cons of receiving dentures and when they are an ideal choice. We do also provide dental implants if dentures aren't your option.

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