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How Does Use Of Fluoride Benefit Your Teeth? What Are The Myths And Facts Associated With Fluoride?

Posted on 11/8/2021 by Thomas Mahar
How Does Use Of Fluoride Benefit Your Teeth? What Are The Myths And Facts Associated With Fluoride?Fluoride is an essential mineral component present in your teeth and bones. The mineral is present naturally in the air, water, plants, and soil. In dentistry, fluoride mineral strengthens your tooth enamel. Your tooth enamel is the outermost clear and strongest part of your teeth. Besides, fluoride prevents the formation of cavities in your teeth. The addition of Fluoride happens in small amounts to most public water supplies in the fluoridation process.

Benefits Of Fluoride

The key benefit of fluoride in your teeth is assisting in the rebuilding or re-mineralization of your weakened tooth enamel. Weakening of your tooth enamel makes your teeth vulnerable to tooth decay. Also, fluoride slows down mineral loss in your tooth enamel and thereby it reverses the first signs of tooth decay in your teeth. Also, fluoride helps in the prevention of oral bacteria growth. Its presence neutralizes the harmful bacteria in your mouth.

Myths And Facts About Fluoride

A common myth people have is that those who drink fluoridated water will have fluorosis. A fact is that you only get fluorosis if you take too many amounts of fluoride. There is a regulation on the level of fluoride in your water supply. Another myth is that fluoride is harmful to children. It is a fact that fluoride is essential for strengthening children's teeth. It helps your child's teeth to grow strong and minimizes the causes of tooth decay. It is a myth that fluoride water will cause cancer. It is a fact that fluoride does not increase your risk of getting cancer or any other serious diseases like diabetes or heart disease.

You should note that fluoridation assists in reducing tooth decay in adults and children. Make sure you contact our offices today to gain more information about fluoride, its myths, and facts!

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