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Symptoms to Be Mindful of if You Worry About Abscessed Teeth

Posted on 8/9/2021 by Thomas Mahar
Symptoms to Be Mindful of if You Worry About Abscessed TeethIf you have a history of abscessed teeth, you most likely already know the symptoms and how they present for your specific body. But for those who do not have a history of them but have a history of cavities, there are a few symptoms that should flag you coming into our office immediately.

Signs and Symptoms

If you have a history of cavities, it is important that you learn the symptoms of an abscessed tooth. It is important because an abscess means that the tooth decay has run down the inside of the tooth and reached the core or the pulp of the tooth. From there, the infection can spread to other teeth or into your blood if it is not treated. It is important to remember that some of these symptoms will occur in particular people, while others will not. Further, some symptoms which are not listed may also occur. If you believe that you have an abscess, it must be addressed immediately.

Symptoms can include throbbing, particularly around a specific tooth, but it can move to the jaw, neck, or ear. Fever is also an indicator that something has gone wrong. Any type of swelling in the face or neck area. Sensitivity to anything foreign in your mouth, including temperatures and chewing foods. There may also be a case where there is a sudden salty fluid in your mouth, followed by the relief of pressure—in this case; the abscess has ruptured.

Ruptured Abscesses

These are exactly what we want to avoid in telling you the symptoms. If an abscess ruptures, that septic bacteria is then in your mouth and your body. This is the case where you will call us, and barring the ability to get in to see us; you will go to the emergency room. Abscessed teeth are not pleasant situations, but coming in to see us about them is far better than becoming sick. Contact us immediately if you have suspicions.

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