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Most Common Types of Fillings Materials

Posted on 3/22/2021 by Thomas Mahar
Most Common Types of Fillings MaterialsNowadays, there are plenty of tough materials used in dental fillings. These range from the most expensive but highly durable (such as cast gold), to the most affordable yet still practical (such as composites and amalgam). In general, these fillings all come in one of five types. These are amalgam, composite, ceramic, glass ionomer, and cast gold. What may be called the “best,” however, largely depends on the patient's needs and expectations.

Comparing Each Type

Traditionally, dental amalgam was the most common type of filling used in the market. This is a silver-colored mixture of metallic alloys that bind together to form a tight bond between each other. Because of its inherent toughness, affordability, and ease of application, we prefer to use amalgam on back teeth, which use more force while chewing.

On the other hand, composites are a relatively newer material made from resin and plastic. While these are less tougher, they can be colored to match the surrounding layer of the teeth. We generally use these on front teeth for aesthetics.

Ceramic fillings have the same role as composites in that they can be colored to match the teeth. However, they are more stain-resistant and become more durable. They are more expensive than composites.

For children, we generally recommend glass ionomers, which release fluoride that helps repair teeth. These are made from a special glass that bonds to the molecules of the teeth. The only problem with these is that they are quite fragile. Lastly, cast gold is the most expensive material used in dental fillings. Nonetheless, they are very durable and can last a long time.

Regardless of cost, however, all types of dental fillings will stay strong and can last for many years, as long as they have been placed correctly and cared for properly. If you are interested in having a dental filling, please do not hesitate to visit our office for a consultation.

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