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How ADA Products Can Differ (ADA sets guideline, up to brand how far beyond to go

Posted on 11/16/2020 by Thomas Mahar
How ADA Products Can Differ (ADA sets guideline, up to brand how far beyond to goYou are likely to come across different oral hygiene products on the market today. But choosing the right product for you or your family can be a daunting task. The exaggerated marketing claims make it extremely difficult to spot genuine dental health products from those intended for cosmetic oral hygiene purposes. This where the American Dental Association (ADA) comes in to save the situation. The ADA provides you with a proper guideline for choosing the right brand of dental products.

The Difference Between the Two Most Common ADA Products

ADA products differ in many ways. Some can be genuine, effective dental hygiene products, while others might be for cosmetic oral hygiene reasons. The two categories of dental products perform different tasks to maintain your dental health. They also have slightly different ingredients that determine their effectiveness. For instance, those products sold for cosmetic oral hygiene have active ingredients designed to keep your breath fresh and not to solve the most crucial dental problems.   

How to Identify ADA Products

The ADA instituted a Seal of Acceptance in 1931 to help you identify the best and most effective dental hygiene products. For nearly a century, it has served as a standard of quality for every practicing manufacturer of dental products. It means that when a new product is out, the ADA takes up the task to test its active ingredients for effectiveness and safety. Once the product passes the rigorous guidelines successfully, it receives a Seal of Acceptance. This seal helps you to identify the right oral hygiene product from the rest. Furthermore, the ADA provides a unique index number for every product that has earned the seal for proper identification. If you have a problem with finding the right ADA oral hygiene product, reach out to us for guidance.

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