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What Happens During Molar Uprighting?

Posted on 9/21/2020 by Thomas Mahar
What Happens During Molar Uprighting?All your teeth, including molars, need to be fully formed for effective functioning and the well-being of your dental structure. They have to be completely grown, upright, strong, and balanced for their proper functioning and the health of other teeth around them and the gum surrounding those teeth. But at times, molars, like other teeth, do get skewed and will have to be corrected through dental procedures.

What's the Need for Molar Uprighting?

When they are not fully formed, there is a need for molar uprighting. Usually, a molar is said is not 'erupt' when it has been found to be stunted in its structure. This happens when there is crowding in that area and the particular tooth finds it hard to progress naturally. In some cases, they may also progress to evolve in an entirely wrong way. When we examine and find out in detail the condition and direction in which the molar is placed, they may recommend molar uprighting to correct it.

What Happens When You Undergo Molar Uprighting?

Dentistry has advanced by leaps and bounds and our professionals have an array of tools to assist them in molar uprighting. The choice of procedure depends on the condition of the impacted tooth and also, significantly, on the age of the patient. Our professionals may remove an obstructing tooth or place loops or appliances to effectively treat impacted molar and make sure that they are given room to grow in their original direction.

When Should You Bring Your Child In for a Check?

Children are prone to it. However, if found out early, these issues can be rectified with relative ease. We suggest you schedule a visit with your children as soon as you can to check for this type of problem. Instead of dismissing them as routine wisdom tooth, it's always better to get an informed opinion.

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