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Are You Just Really Thirsty or Do You Have Dry Mouth?

Posted on 7/7/2020 by Thomas Mahar
Are You Just Really Thirsty or Do You Have Dry Mouth?We all require hydration throughout our day and sometimes it can be easy to miss if we are feeling thirsty believe it or not. It is why it is common for people to mistake thirst for hunger; sometimes it just isn't as obvious. But today we are here to discuss the difference between a dry mouth and feeling thirsty to help you identify potential problems.

Dry Mouth

A dry mouth happens when there isn't enough saliva to moisten the inside of your mouth. You can quickly get this effect by leaving your mouth open and inhaling large amounts of air until your mouth dries up. If you have tried this, notice that you don't feel the physical desire to drink water, instead, you might want the water to quickly get moisture back into your mouth. This is what separates feeling thirsty from simply a dry mouth.

People who experience a dry mouth can get it from a number of things, from smoking, salivary gland infection, diabetes, or mouth breathing while sleeping. If you experience dry mouth throughout your day without the desire to drink water and don't know why this could point to a condition and we recommend that you get it looked at just in case.

Constant Thirst

Being thirsty is the physical need for a drink, you'll definitely know once you get thirsty enough to tell the difference between it and craving food. If you are thirsty throughout the day, first ask yourself what your diet is like. Foods that are extremely high in sodium will quickly make you down glass after glass of water. And like dry mouth, constant thirst is also a symptom of diabetes. If you are simply physically active throughout the day, then it is normal to want to stay hydrated

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