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How Gum Disease Relates to Prostate Issues

Posted on 6/22/2020 by Thomas Mahar
How Gum Disease Relates to Prostate IssuesWhen you go to the dentist, you expect us to say, ™Open up and say aaahhh.™ But would it surprise to you learn that we're not that far removed from the people who say, ™Turn your head and cough?™
While your gums and your prostate are not exactly located in the same region, many people are surprised to discover that there's a strong link between gum health and prostate health. The human body is an amazing, integrated system, and keeping your mouth healthy is absolutely vital to your overall wellness – including the welfare of your prostate!

What Does My Prostate Have to Do with All of This?

Most of us are aware that poor oral hygiene is associated with a vast variety of other ailments in the body, including heart disease, stroke, and even asthma. Even if you weren't aware of the correlation, the fact remains that neglecting your mouth can have negative repercussions throughout your body.
However, new research has shed light upon another dangerous side effect of not taking care of your teeth and gums: prostatitis.
Inflammation of the prostate is quite common – for men under the age of 50, it's the most common prostate related disease, and a remarkable 12% of men will struggle with it in their lifetime.
In a study of 27 men who had high PSA (prostate specific antigens), they also found that by simply treating the gum disease, the symptoms of prostatitis actually improved in 21 of these men. This revelation is so remarkable that it bears repeating: in absence of treating the inflamed prostate, and by merely treating the gum disease, the condition of the prostate improved in 75% of the men!
While it seems like some unlikely coincidence, research demonstrates that inflammation in the gums leads to systemic inflammation, including all the way down in the prostate. Neglecting your oral health, therefore, can be a dangerous mistake.
Routine dental appointments with cleanings aren't just about maintaining a handsome smile; failure to properly maintain your teeth and your gums can make you susceptible to other diseases and illnesses. Please give our office a call today for a comprehensive dental exam and allow our skilled staff restore your smile and, by proxy, your prostate!

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