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How to Tell if You Miss Areas of Your Mouth When Brushing

Posted on 4/10/2020 by Thomas Mahar
How to Tell if You Miss Areas of Your Mouth When Brushing Brushing your teeth is a process that is easy to not be one hundred percent accurate with. Many people miss spots of their mouth that they do not think about and in turn, this leads to unexpected plaque buildup and undesirable odors. Proper brushing will lead to better oral hygiene overall.


Brushing your tongue will go a long way in keeping fresh breath. The tongue accumulates bacteria called biofilm which in turn results in bad breath. Another thing that can happen with biofilm buildup is it can increase the chance of cavities. This is a recommended step to take while brushing and it will make a difference. You can either use your toothbrush or a dedicated tongue scraper. Some toothbrushes even come with a tongue scraper; if you are looking for a new toothbrush, give that a consideration.

Behind Your Teeth

This is an area that isn't even a thought for a lot of people, but it is an important part when brushing your mouth. Like the other parts of your teeth that you would brush, the consequences of plaque exist. Fortunately, this is a relatively quick process that you can work into your brushing routine.

Gum Line

Another area that doesn't get much attention is your gum line. This sits directly under your gums and it counts as part of your teeth. Brushing this area thoroughly will prevent plaque buildup and you will notice a difference in the way you feel! Proper brushing will lead to benefits such as excellent checkups, healthier teeth, fresh breath and most importantly, no cavities. It can be easy to either forget or not know to brush certain areas of your mouth, but that is just part of learning! If you have any questions, give us a call.

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