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How Dental Appliances Can Reduce the Risk of You Developing Tooth Decay

Posted on 3/10/2020 by Thomas Mahar
How Dental Appliances Can Reduce the Risk of You Developing Tooth DecayIn a word, tooth decay is caused by the softening of tooth enamel caused by acids that are created when there is a break-down of bacteria and sugar in your mouth. When left untreated, these holes often grow larger over time and destroy the entire tooth.

This also usually leads to what is called a root cavity, which exposes the nerves in the tooth. This nerve exposure can cause extreme pain in your mouth, and it is at that point that you should call us for help in deciding what your best options might be for pain as well as what we can do in terms of appliances to help the risk reduction of any further tooth decay.

Causes Of Tooth Decay

A few additional causes of tooth decay are not brushing on a regular basis, which allows plaque, bacteria, acid and food particles to all build up and combine in your mouth. Dry mouth happens when there is very little saliva, and plaque builds up more quickly. What you eat and drink is very important and often times determine how cavities are formed, because carbohydrates will stay on your teeth until you brush, and you may not even be able to remove all these even if you brush quickly and regularly. While we may not think about it, bacteria and acid naturally live in our mouths.

Despite these signs and symptoms of decay, there are certain dental appliances that can help reduce the cavity and decay-causing effects if used regularly and effectively. These appliances can help strengthen certain areas of our teeth that may have become weakened by sugar.

Preventing Decay

The most effective step we can take is to establish an oral hygiene routine. Which involves a number of steps beginning with brushing more often. The suggestion is to brush twice a day, but ideally if possible, one should brush ideally after every meal or snack with a fluoride-based toothpaste. Limit intake of sugary foods and drinks, be cautious of what you eat, be sure to floss and rinse daily and above all else protect your teeth with fluoride-treated toothpaste.

No matter how diligent you might be, you will still need to see a dentist for a professional cleaning at least twice a year and a good check-up just to make sure there are no signs of any cavities or decay. We encourage you to give our office a call to help stay on top of your dental hygiene needs. We want to always be helpful in the preventative ways of finding solutions to solutions that have occurred due to poor dental care. We look forward to hearing from you.

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