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Energy Drinks and Your Teeth

Posted on 11/20/2019 by Thomas Mahar
Energy Drinks and Your TeethThere are many mixed messages on energy drinks and the most inaccurate is their presentation of them as just another soda that is poor for the teeth.

A study by Poonam Jain, associate professor and director of community dentistry at the Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine and lead author of the study in May/June 2012 published by The Academy of General Dentistry found that the consumption of sports and energy drinks are causing irreversible damage to teeth, specifically, it showed the high acidity levels in the drinks completely erode tooth enamel.

The Science and Danger of Energy Drinks

Poonam Jain's study included 13 of the most popular sports drinks and 9 energy drinks. To test acidity levels, researchers submerged a human tooth in each beverage for 15 minutes, followed immediately for two hours in human saliva. They did this 4 times each day and repeated this process for 5 days. After only five days, they found damage to all teeth, but teeth in the energy drinks were twice as damaged. Researchers commented on how the damage caused to tooth enamel is irreversible and without protection, the teeth would decay painfully.

Reducing the Harm of Energy Drinks

For those of you that plan on moving full steam ahead with your morning jolt energy drink, there are some tips to help protect your mouth. Use a straw as far back as possible. This limits contact with your teeth. Drink your drink, don't sip it. Low acidic pH in the mouth starts the decay process. By limiting pH danger zone times, you limit your damage. Eat and drink. Food will help neutralize the acidity.

Our office suggests sticking with water, milk, and tea. The energy drink fad is relatively new, leaving long-term side effects unknown. We are here to answer questions or to schedule a visit to assessing what energy drinks may have done to your teeth.

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