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Ways of Managing a Crack in One of Your Front Teeth

Posted on 5/20/2019 by Thomas Mahar
Ways of Managing a Crack in One of Your Front TeethGetting a crack in any of your teeth is never a pleasant thing. However, getting a crack in one of your front teeth can be especially challenging. Due to the high visibility of the front teeth, a crack that normally would not cause much trouble can end up being a major issue. If you have a crack in one of your front teeth, here is what you need to know.

First, Get in Touch with Us
The first thing you need to do is be sure that you are getting the dental care you need. Because you don't know how severe the crack is, this not something that should wait until your next regular cleaning before you address it. Contact us, and we'll help evaluate the situation and recommend your best course of action.

Managing the Tooth Crack While You Wait for Treatment

If the crack is a major crack, you should not wait for an appointment. Come in right away, as waiting could potentially end up costing you the tooth.

If the crack is not a major one, you can probably wait for your appointment before getting it looked at. In the interim, consider using a minor over the counter medication such as aspirin to manage your discomfort.
In addition, you should probably avoid using the tooth, as the crack could be compromising the tooth's strength. You don't want to get into a situation where you end up worsening the crack or even breaking the tooth altogether.

If the crack is jagged, consider covering it with soft wax or even sugar free chewing gum. Anything to keep your tongue or cheek tissue from rubbing against it and possibly getting cut. Stick to soft foods, and avoid using the tooth as much as you can.

With proper care, your cracked tooth will be fixed in no time. In the meantime, feel free to call with any questions you have.

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