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How to Spot an Impacted Tooth

Posted on 8/10/2019 by Thomas Mahar
How to Spot an Impacted ToothAn impacted tooth is not fun. An impacted tooth occurs when a tooth is not able to fully emerge through the skin as it tries to grow. There are different ways that the impacted tooth can happen. They can partially emerge if they may not have the space to grow in. They can also fail to emerge at all.

The result is a variety of very uncomfortable symptoms that can include pain, swelling and other things. Not all impacted teeth are easy to spot. There are things you can look for to spot the possibility of an impacted tooth before it becomes a major problem.

The Difference in the Symptoms

The symptoms can vary depending on whether a tooth is fully impacted or partially impacted. When it comes to a fully impacted tooth, there are not always any symptoms. The only way to find out that a tooth is fully impacted is through an exam. It is possible that a visual exam may provide some signs of the impacted tooth, but the best way is often through the use of x-rays. The x-rays can see what is happening beneath the skin.

While it is possible not to have any symptoms of a fully impacted tooth, it is possible to have some symptoms. The symptoms are similar for a fully or partially impacted teeth.

Symptoms to Watch For

The symptoms of an impacted tooth can range from mild to severe. They include bad breath, pain or tenderness in the gums and in the jaw bone, redness and swelling where the tooth is trying to emerge, a bad taste while biting down on the area of the impacted tooth and headaches. You may also notice a partially impacted tooth that does not have enough room to grow.

Whether the symptoms are mild or severe or non-existent, an impacted tooth is not something to ignore. There is a possibility that a partially impacted tooth may grow in healthy, but it is best to find out for sure if that can happen. If a tooth is fully impacted, treatment is often the best option.

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