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We Won't Shame You for Missing Dental Appointments

Posted on 7/10/2019 by Thomas Mahar
We Won't Shame You for Missing Dental AppointmentsWe recommend that you have semi-annual dental checkups. Some patients may think they practice good oral hygiene habits so there is no need to visit us regularly. This is very common, and it is especially common for patients that have very busy lives.

Another reason many of our patients only come in if they think they have a problem is that they don't have dental insurance. Dental insurance usually gives you at least one visit per year that covers the exam, x-rays, and cleaning. But if you don't have it, it is yet another expense. Finally, many patients find that they are unable to take off from work.

They may not have sick days or vacation days at their job. This leaves them with the option of coming during evening hours or on Saturdays. But anyone with family responsibilities will tell you that though the hours don't interfere with work, their responsibilities make it difficult for them to schedule even after work hours.

What Happens When You Finally Come?
When you are able to make an appointment, you don't have to worry about your reception from us. We understand busy lives and are just happy that you finally were able to make it. You won't get a lecture from us about the importance of dental care. You are adults and fully understand the importance of having regular dental exams.

You know that the sooner you see us the better able we are to detect problems early. Early detection not only saves you money, but it also saves you from making multiple visits to fix whatever problem may have cropped up.

If you have not seen us in a while and are reluctant to make an appointment due to embarrassment, forget about it, as they say. We will welcome you like an old friend and treat you the same way we treat all of our patients. We respect the time that you have to take out of your life to see us so just remember the one important fact. We are here to serve you. Give us a call and make that appointment whenever you are able.

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