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Ways of Managing Dental Anxiety Before Your Appointment

Posted on 2/20/2019 by Thomas Mahar
Ways of Managing Dental Anxiety Before Your Appointment"Anxiety is defined as the response of an organism to a threat, real or imagined. It is a process that, in some form, is present in all living things." -Kerr, Bowen

Anxiety is usually the result of thinking, "what if" while anticipating a bad future outcome. However, you need not succumb to the effects of anxiety before your appointment, here are some simple strategies you can use to deal with this issue.

Use deep diaphragmatic breathing to switch off your fight or flight response so that you can relax. Breathe in such a way that your tummy expands in and out instead of your chest going up and down and keep your exhalation longer than your inhalation.

Muscle Relaxation
Progressively relax your muscles by tightening and releasing them from your toes up while paying attention to any areas with tension. Take a brief pause before proceeding to the next major muscle group and repeat until you feel total relaxation.

Identify and Challenge Negative Thoughts
Observe how your thoughts are affecting your thinking and behavior and ask yourself whether they are helpful or not. Challenge thoughts that exaggerate possible outcomes and reframe them to something more positive and accurate.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol are both known to have strong effects on the central nervous system, and it is advisable to keep them away if you are trying to manage anxiety. Caffeine triggers your fight or flight response and is prone to make you irritable and agitated in situations that usually wouldn't affect you.

Sleep Well
Rest is important, and the effects of anxiety can be made worse by not getting enough sleep. Try exercise, a warm bath or any other suitable activity that you find relaxing if you have trouble sleeping. Get in touch with us today to experience the best in dental care.

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