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Your Teeth Can Show Signs of Digestive Issues

Posted on 10/20/2018 by Thomas Mahar
Your Teeth Can Show Signs of Digestive IssuesWhen we do a visual examination of your oral cavity, we can spot signs of other diseases including digestive issues.

The importance of oral health has been amplified by the discovery that what happens in your mouth, can be directly related to your overall health and in many cases, we can spot severe health conditions when you visit us for your regular checkups.

Why Teeth are Important for Digestion

Your teeth serve many purposes. One of the most important ones is chewing your food thoroughly for proper digestion. When you don't mush all your food up before swallowing, you could set yourself up for an upset stomach.

Digestive Issues That Show in Your Teeth

There are many issues related to your digestive system that can show up in your teeth.

•  Heartburn. Heartburn also known as gastrointestinal reflux disease happens when the acid from your stomach rise and come into your mouth, leaving that bad aftertaste and burning sensation in your chest area. The contact of the acid with your teeth, especially when there are cracks or chips, can be extremely damaging. This erosion can lead to serious dental issues.
•  Inflammatory Bowel Disease. This disease includes Chron['s Disease and ulcerative colitis. We can detect this condition in swollen gums and mouth sores.
•  Ulcers. Sores that happen in your stomach can also affect the health of your teeth, and we will notice a problem during a visual examination and probing of the gums.

Anytime you have a digestive issue, it's important to let us know. Our new patients fill out a health history form that allows us to know of any problems in their past or present. Even though you may think these questions have nothing to do with your oral health, it's crucial for us to understand why specific symptoms can manifest during an examination.

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