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How to Make Your Visits to Our Office Happier

Posted on 7/20/2018 by Thomas Mahar
How to Make Your Visits to Our Office HappierAbout 40 million Americans go out of their way to avoid seeing their dentist due to their own fear and anxiety. There are a variety of reasons for this – pain, neglect, negative memories, sterile smells, and not having enough time.

When left unaddressed, dental anxiety causes oral health problems that can require even more dental treatment. This is why you need to find some ways to stay calm when you visit our office.

Tips for Reducing Your Dental Anxiety

There are several ways you can curb the anxiety you're experiencing in regard to visiting our office. One of the best ways of doing so is by learning some slow, deep breathing techniques. This is important because when you're nervous you're more likely to hold your breath, which will decrease your oxygen level and make you feel even more anxious.

While you're focusing on your breathing you can also try meditation or music. This will help you block out the sound of the instruments we use in cleaning and treating your teeth.

Before you even arrive at our office you'll want to make sure you choose a time when you won't feel rushed – even if this is a Saturday or an early morning appointment. Additionally, do your best to avoid caffeine and have a high-protein, sugar free snack. This will help you feel calmer as well.

One of the best ways to overcome your dental anxiety is to build a good rapport with our office. You'll feel less anxious when you feel informed and in control. We're trained to treat you, regardless of how anxious you're feeling, but you must inform us of your anxiety.

While it's common to feel some anxiety when visiting our office, you shouldn't allow this to keep you from seeking the care you need. When you come in for your next appointment, take some of these tips to heart. Call to schedule a routine exam today and let us help you feel more comfortable while you're here.

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