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Can Bioactive Glass Be a Good Filling Option?

Posted on 7/10/2018 by Thomas Mahar
Can Bioactive Glass Be a Good Filling Option?It is bad enough to head to the dentist for a filling. The only thing that is worse is having to return to the dentist later because the filling has come out or has failed in some way.

That means a person has to go through the process again. Bioactive glass could offer a solution to this problem. It offers a different way to help make fillings last longer.

What is Bioactive Glass?

To most, bioactive glass is just a few words that sounds as if they jumped out of a sci-fi book or movie script. They probably have no idea what it is or what it can do. Our dental professionals are finding out how bioactive glass can help people when they get fillings. Bioactive glass is a form of crushed glass, but it is not like the glass used in the windows of your home. It comes in powder form.

Bioactive glass contains silicon oxide, phosphorous oxide and calcium oxide. Unlike other glass, it reacts with the body. It is that reaction that makes it something doctors and dentists have interest in. Doctors have used it for decades to help with some bone healing. Now dental professionals are finding a use for it.

Help with Fillings

Bioactive glass placed over a filling can prevent bacteria from entering the filling. Over time, bacteria in a filling will cause it to fail. Adding the layer of protection with the bioactive glass keeps the fillings healthier and allows them to last longer. The bioactive glass also helps the body by replacing the minerals lost through tooth decay. That will also prolong the life of the fillings.

If you want more information about bioactive glass or any other dental procedure, contact the dental professionals at our office today.

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