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When Would a Dental Bridge Help Your Teeth?

Posted on 5/20/2018 by Thomas Mahar
Dental Bridges Mahar Dental NY 13212-4103A dental bridge is a prosthetic that bridges the gap between two teeth. If you have suffered tooth loss - either due to disease or an accident - a dental bridge might be right for you.

Dental Bridge Uses

A dental bridge works to replace missing teeth. Whether you are missing a single tooth or many consecutive teeth, a bridge might be right for you. The prosthetic is attached to two adjacent, healthy teeth, which act as anchors for the bridge.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

There are many advantages to selecting a dental bridge to improve your smile. Some of the most popular include:

•  Restoration of a complete smile.
•  Maintain your face shape.
•  Prevent the remaining teeth from shifting positions to fill in the gap.
•  Improves your ability to speak and chew properly.
•  Redistributes bite force by replacing teeth that are missing.

Perhaps the most important aspect is that when your smile looks good, you feel good. Your confidence will improve by replacing your teeth with a dental bridge.

Dental Bridge Candidates

Most patients who are missing 1-3 consecutive teeth are candidates for a dental bridge. You must be free from gum disease, and you should be in relatively good health. If you do have gum disease, you'll need to have your periodontal issues treated prior to bridge placement.

Even if you don't have healthy teeth near the affected area, you might still be eligible for a bridge if you first get dental implants. These artificial anchors are set into the gums. Unfortunately, the implant process can take some time, but afterwards you'll be prepared to be fitted for a dental bridge.

Are you interested in a dental bridge to correct your tooth loss? If so, contact us today to learn more about are these options. We'll help you find the solution that will work best for your smile.

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