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The Trauma of Tooth Extraction Should Be Avoided Whenever Necessary

Posted on 1/10/2018 by Thomas Mahar
Dental Trauma Mahar Dental NY 13212-4103Tooth extractions are quite a painful experience, not only during the operation, but also a few hours or even days after it. Tooth extractions can be a simple operation or a surgical extraction.

Simple extractions are not as time-consuming nor as painful as surgical ones. Surgery is done if the removal of the teeth can be done easily, with a myriad of different reasons.

Most often than not, a surgical extraction will also take some jawbone tissue, which can affect not only your appearance, but also the strength of the jawbone tissues supporting your teeth.

That is why, if possible, tooth extraction should be done as minimal as possible and only if absolutely necessary. There is what we call dental trauma, and it can affect your dental health quite a bit.

What is Dental Trauma and How Does it Affect Me?

Dental trauma, to put it simply, is any and all injury to the teeth, gums, the ligaments and even the bones connected or that supports your teeth.

Generally, this happens when a physical force is enough to hurt your jaw, cheeks or teeth, like being hit by a baseball or getting in a vehicular accident. Also know that surgeries and even extractions can cause dental trauma, albeit on a much smaller and controlled scale.

The effects of dental trauma may not be apparent immediately, but it affects the dental structure quite a bit. This can mean a weaker bone mass or more sensitive gums and that can compromise your dental health. In fact, around 8 to 12 hours from a surgical extraction, you can see or taste blood, and that is normal.

If you are having problems with your dental health and are hesitating if you need an extraction or not, please schedule an appointment with us so that we can help you decide what works best for your dental condition.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (315) 766-2770 today.

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