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Dangers Associated with Sharing Toothbrushes

Posted on 7/23/2017 by Thomas Mahar
Brushing your teeth is important, but make sure you are not sharing a toothbrush.
Have you ever been in a situation where you either had to go without brushing your teeth or share a toothbrush with someone else? Hopefully you opted to go without brushing your teeth that day. Sharing a toothbrush, even one that is sanitized between uses, can spread a menagerie of germs. It is never good to put someone else's germs into your mouth. It can bring your oral health down, and make you sick in the process.

You Never Want to Share Another Person's Toothbrush

If the person you share a toothbrush with were to have tooth decay, those germs are stuck in the toothbrush. That means you add those germs into your mouth, and will likely develop, or further, tooth decay in your mouth. If that person is sick, you could end up sick, too. Infections spread like wildfire when you share a toothbrush, so if you ever have, you shouldn’t be surprised if you developed anything like strep throat or canker sores afterwards.

Ideally, you want to always bring your own toothbrush with you wherever you go. However, if you went out for the night and unexpectedly ended up spending the night at someone’s house, you may not have been prepared for that situation. If that’s the case, try eating some celery as that can help your teeth get cleaner than nothing at all. The fibers within the celery allow your teeth to get a similar clean to a toothbrush, allowing you to keep your teeth cleaner.

Never share a toothbrush if you can help it. It isn’t a good thing for your health, or the health of your mouth. Keep your toothbrush handy for even short trips, or if you notice this pattern is happening a lot, buy a cheap new toothbrush and leave it in your purse, briefcase, or the glove box of your car, just in case. If you have any questions, or if you would like to learn more, please call us today at (315) 766-2770.

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