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If Your Tooth Aches, What Medicine Can Help You Feel Better?

Posted on 5/20/2017 by Thomas Mahar
A woman suffering from a tooth ache.
A toothache is something you need to get checked out as soon as your dentist can see you. Instead of trying to live with the pain, or putting it off until later you need to call them and get an appointment as soon as your schedule allows.

Until you can be seen, however, it is important to know what type of medication you can use to remain out of misery. Here are a few types of medication that should help, as long as you are safe to take them according to your doctor.

Medications to Use with a Toothache

When you are struggling with a toothache, using something that can help knock out the pain and relieve inflammation is the best option. This is typically why people turn to a type of medication called an NSAID. This is short for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs allow for you to have less inflammation, and they help to take the pain away.

The types of drugs that fall under this category are varied. One of them is aspirin, but that should not be used on a toothache directly, as it can cause a lot of damage to your oral tissues and upset your stomach.

A better option is using ibuprofen, which is coated to be easier on your mouth when you take it, and hopefully, be gentler on your stomach. You can also use naproxen sodium, which is taken about every 8-12 hours, and has the ability to also decrease your pain and inflammation.

Make sure you go in to see your dentist as soon as they have an opening. A toothache can be the sign that your tooth is in danger, and needs medical attention. The sooner you get it checked out, the better.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about tooth aches.

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