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Do Cavities Go Up When Your Weight Goes Down?

Posted on 2/23/2017 by Thomas Mahar
A couple excusing and losing weight.
Have you recently started losing weight and noticed that the more weight you lose, the more cavities start to show up? There is a reason for this. It may be what you are eating, or more accurately, what you are not eating.

Your body needs certain items to help you absorb the proper nutrients to stay healthy, and fat is one of them. If you have been cutting out fat, that could be causing your cavity increase.

Why You Need Fat to Keep Healthy Teeth

Your body requires Vitamin D to absorb the calcium it needs. Without Vitamin D, you cannot absorb any calcium, even by taking vitamins. The only way that your body can absorb Vitamin D is through fat. It is one of the many fat soluble vitamins that your body requires. The other important vitamins that you are not absorbing if you cut out fat entirely include E, A, and K.

Your body also needs carbs to remain healthy. While some carbs are better than others, if you cut out carbs entirely, you are exposing yourself to a lot of problems. One of the biggest to worry about is ketoacidosis. This happens when your blood turns acidic instead of having a neutral pH. This can harm everything in your body, and requires medical attention to correct.

If you have been trying to lose weight by cutting certain foods completely out of your diet, be careful. Speak with your doctor to figure out how much of each item you need, and make sure you speak with your dentist regularly to keep track of any cavities that may be popping up.

It is never good to just make a huge change to your lifestyle without medical advice first, and dieting is not an exception to that rule.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about your oral health.

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