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5 Reasons to Replace Your Metal Fillings

Posted on 1/20/2016 by Thomas Mahar
A diagram of a dental metal filling.Many people have metal fillings, mostly because they were used to correct decay when other - and better - alternatives didn't exist. Today, there are alternative filing choices, and some people are choosing to replace their metal amalgam fillings with these more attractive options. In fact, there are several reasons to consider replacing your metal fillings.

Metal Fillings Can Cause Sensitivity

Since metal is known for conducting temperature, metal fillings can actually conduct cold and heat closer to the nerve in your tooth. This can result in sensitivity and pain. They are also more likely to cause cracks in the teeth, leading to cold or hot liquids that can penetrate into the more sensitive areas.

You'll Appear Younger
Since metal fillings are an older technology, they'll age you. These fillings will automatically tell people that you had your teeth worked on back in the 20th century, so if you want to hide your age, alternative options might be a good solution.

Your Mouth Will Look Healthier
Metal amalgam fillings tend to turn black or dark in color, so to some people, they may look like cavities. Every time that you talk or laugh, people will see your mouth full of black fillings, and they could believe that your mouth is actually full of decay.

They Are Better for the Environment
There are many ways in which elemental mercury can pass through our bodies and into the environment. By having your mercury fillings disposed of safely, you can reduce your contribution to the mercury put back into the environment.

You'll Look More Successful
Traditional metal fillings are cheap alternatives to better filing options. When people see that you have metal fillings, they may assume that you don't have the financial status to use better filling materials. Therefore, choosing a different material can make you appear more successful.

Please contact us if you have any questions about metal fillings.

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