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Give Yourself a Self-Check after Cleaning your Teeth

Posted on 8/13/2015 by Thomas Mahar
A woman receiving a dental cleaning from her dentist.You spend two minutes in front of the mirror brushing your teeth with proper pressure and ensuring that you hit every tooth in your mouth. You also take the time to floss in between each tooth. You should be good right? Your oral health should be great, shouldn't it? While we hope that this is true, sometimes it is not. If you did not get all of the plaque and bacteria off of your teeth, you are leaving your mouth at risk for gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss. So how do you know if you did a good job?

•  Run your tongue over your teeth. Do they feel clean? They should feel smooth, not sticky. If you do not feel as if you can glide your tongue over your teeth, the plaque is still there and you should brush again.
•  Are your gums bleeding? Take a moment to look inside your mouth, looking for small tinges of blood. At first, the blood might not be obvious if you have gum disease, but as it progresses, the blood will get worse. The earlier you catch the disease, the easier it is treated. Remember, this could also mean that you are brushing too hard - try brushing a little lighter next time to see if it still happens.
•  How's your breath? Do you still feel like you are breathing dragon breath after your oral hygiene? You might not have flossed well enough or you might not have brushed your tongue, both of which are necessary for good breath and proper oral hygiene.

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