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Define Dental Models and Explain Their Use in Dentistry

Posted on 2/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Close up of hands indicating dental implant 3D modelDental models, also known as dental casts, accurately mimic the teeth in three dimensions. These are crafted by filling teeth molds with materials like acrylic or dental plaster, which then solidifies. This process results in a precise replication of the dental structure, providing dentists with the opportunity to closely examine the dimensions and interrelations among the gums, teeth, and the overall structure of the dental arches of the patient.

A dentist may choose to study the dental model when reviewing growth or when planning significant dental treatment for their patient. It allows them to identify the amount of work that is needed in a particular patient. The dental model can be seen as the exact reproduction of the teeth and surrounding tissues achieved from the dental impression.

What Is the Role of These Models in Dental Care?

In dentistry, dental models are used as a mode of capturing a replica of the oral anatomy of the patient. It allows for a more detailed study of the oral anatomy as it provides specific details of how things are, including the attachment of lips to the roof of the mouth, the muscles, the shape and arrangement of the teeth, and vestibule depth, among others.

Dental models also come in handy when creating night guards, fixed bridges, whitening trays, convectional dental crowns, dentures, and other orthodontic appliances. They are useful in creating custom orthodontic appliances particular to a patient.

Dental models are also significant for dentists studying patients when they are not around, especially when planning to carry out certain procedures that may require references and consultation. These models are also effective tools for explaining the condition to the patient by showing them practically. Additionally, dental models can be used to showcase at conferences and also in forensics when investigating cases involving biting.


Dental models offer many benefits in patient care, dental appliance fabrication, education, and beyond. If you are curious about how these models could benefit your dental health, you can discuss them with our dentist during your next visit.

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