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What Causes Denture Breakage?

Posted on 10/31/2023 by Weo Admin
A Smiling woman in North Syracuse, NYDentures are strong and long-lasting. However, they can still crack or break. When artificial teeth encounter damage, they cause inconveniences and can interrupt your lifestyle. Of course, you can repair your dentures, but preventing them from breaking is the best solution. A good way to achieve this is by learning scenarios that can cause denture breakage so that you can avoid them. Here are three common reasons why dentures break:

Dropping Dentures

Removable dentures are a good way to improve your oral health. You can remove them when sleeping or cleaning your teeth. Unfortunately, accidents can happen when removing or cleaning the dentures, leading to breakage. For instance, you can accidentally drop your artificial teeth in an empty sink or floor. They can also knock the tap when cleaning, leading to cracks. While they may not break instantly after the accident, the impact can make a specific spot weak, leading to breakage after some time.

Improper Fit

Loose dentures can cause uneven bites. When the bite is not evenly spread, it weakens the dentures, and they may break over time. They may appear like small fine lines, which can spread to big cracks. In addition, ill-fitting dentures can move around the mouth and fall out. This leads to damage, especially if the dentures hit a hard surface. If you notice that your artificial teeth no longer fit properly, it is time to seek professional help. The dentist will adjust the dentures to prevent issues of slippage.

Wear And Tear

The main goal of dentures is to restore the ability to eat, speak, and smile confidently. Therefore, you will use artificial teeth daily. When you chew, you put pressure on the dentures, which can make them erode. This happens, especially when you consume hard or acidic foods. Do you want to keep your dentures in good condition? Contact us and speak with our dental team on how to maintain your dentures.

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