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How often should I brush my teeth?

Posted on 10/15/2023 by Weo Admin
Blue tooth brush with paste, floss, and mouth wash in North Syracuse, NYBrushing is simply scrubbing your teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Brushing your teeth goes a long way toward maintaining your oral health. So, the question is, how often should I brush my teeth?

Brushing and flossing

To maintain good oral health, you start early. This means that you should encourage your children to maintain perfect oral health and good habits at an early age for the benefit of later years. Parents must teach their children to brush and floss at least twice daily. This can involve brushing with them to teach them how to do it. You are to clean your teeth with a soft-bristled brush, this ensures comfort and reduces bruising the gums. Also, the brush should be replaced, preferably after every two months.

How to properly brush your teeth

It is good to follow the following technique when brushing your teeth. Use short strokes back and forth to clean the outer and inner surfaces and the ridged part of your teeth. After that, rinse your mouth and use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue. Rinse your mouth after cleaning your tongue and also rinse the tongue scraper.

When to start brushing

At an early age, that is when to start brushing. An infant's mouth should be cleaned after every feeding. This is done by cradling the head with one hand and using the free hand to wipe the baby's mouth with gauze, or xylitol wipes. A child's teeth should be brushed immediately after the first tooth appears. Fluoride toothpaste should be used, only after the child's first birthday and after consultation with the dentist or pediatrician.

For toddlers less than two years, they should spit out the toothpaste after brushing and rinse with small amounts of water after brushing. Flossing on the other hand should make a C-shape curve around the tooth sliding gently up and down along the tooth and under the gumline. Each tooth should use a new piece of floss to avoid the reinsertion of food particles and bacteria. For teeth with spaces, you are encouraged to use an interdental brush. Regular brushing and flossing at least twice a day should be good for our teeth, however, visit the dentist regularly to ensure the best results for your teeth in the long run.

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