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How Does The Dentists Determine If You Have An Infection

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Thomas Mahar
How Does The Dentists Determine If You Have An InfectionThe main reason why people are turning to a do-it-yourself technique is that almost everything is found on the internet today. However, this is not an effective way to find out if you have a tooth infection. Although some signs can indicate that you have a mouth infection, they can also be related to other health issues. Hence, the most effective way to find out if it is a tooth infection you have that is causing you the symptoms you have is to consult a dentist. Here is what a dentist will do to find out if it is a tooth infection you have or not.

A dentist will use Palpitation

After your dentist has asked questions about the location of the pain and the qualities of your ache, he/she will opt to choose some effective tests to be more precise with the diagnosis. Palpation is whereby a dentist uses his/her fingers to check where you feel tenderness. Also, if there is any swelling around the tender areas, then that could indicate there is an infection.

Probing is Also A Dentist Technique

Having a loose tooth may or may not indicate gum disease. Thus, a dentist then uses a small instrument that consists of measurement marker probes along the tooth gum line. In case there is a depth of 3-4 mm or bleeding, then a periodontal evaluation becomes critical.

Dentists can Use Radiograph or X-ray

After dentists have used all the other techniques to find out if there is an existing infection, they will then ask their patients to have an X-ray. With the use of an X-ray, the results are a hundred percent effective. Both the patient and dentists look at the images from the X-ray via a monitor to see where an infection is visible. Also, X-rays have become safer than they used to be before since they now consist of little to no radiation.

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