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Is Bone Graft Necessary?

Posted on 3/20/2023 by Thomas Mahar
Is Bone Graft Necessary?Teeth stimulate the jawbone, making it strong and allowing it to grow. When you lose one or two teeth, the jawbone loses its integrity, affecting your speech and eating. The neighboring teeth can also shift, causing teeth misalignment. A dental bone graft can help to prevent these issues. It involves an oral surgery performed in the dentist's office to replace missing bone mass. Continue reading and learn why this procedure may be necessary.

Restore Damaged Jawbone

The jawbone helps to hold the teeth in place, and the teeth stimulate the jawbone to maintain its strength. These two oral structures work together to help you speak and eat properly. However, when you miss a tooth, there will be no jawbone stimulation, and the bone will begin to deteriorate. This can make your facial structures sag, and your oral health may suffer. A bone graft helps to treat and prevent jawbone deterioration. A dentist may recommend this procedure after tooth extraction or if jawbone loss has already occurred.

Restore Facial Aesthetics

When tissues in the jawbone are lost, your facial structures may change. Your chin may become pointed and facial muscles may weaken. This can cause wrinkles around the mouth, and the lips may become thin, making you look older than your age. Who would like to appear in social groups when wrinkles are all over their face?

Changes in your facial structures can lower your self-confidence. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry can help to prevent this. A dental bone graft is an approach that adds density and volume to the jawbone after deterioration, thus improving your facial appearance.

Support Dental Implant

In most cases, the success of dental implants relies on the strength and integrity of the jawbone. The dentist may recommend a bone graft if you have a weak jawbone to support the dental implant. Do you have missing teeth? Or do you suspect bone loss after a severe gum disease? Schedule an appointment with one of our professionals to preserve your jawbone.

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